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Tradematic Trader — trading platform and visual strategy builder that will help you to create trading robot without programming. Do you still trade manually, конструктор торгового робота days ahead next to the trading terminal but still missing the right moments to open and close positions?

Switch to automated and systematic trading with Tradematic.

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Now you can spend this time on something more pleasant Risks are under control Comparing to nonsystematic trading, robot trades according to the system, so follows the set rules and controls the risks Calm your nerves Fear and greed hinder successful trading. Save your nerves — trade systematically.

Конструктор торговых роботов для мт4 бесплатно Конструктор торговых роботов для мт4 бесплатно 19мая Одним из способов достижения цели является применение конструктор роботов мт4.

Visual Strategy Builder Create your trading strategy in a few steps, combining ready-made rules for opening and closing position or create your own rules. For Traders Use powerful and time-tested trading platform with simple and user-friendly interface.

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Create конструктор торгового робота robots without programming. Test them on historical and real-time data. Trade in manual, semi-automatic or automatic mode.

Универсальный конструктор торговых систем

Portfolio management Diversify your portfolio among assets or strategies Arbitrage, trend конструктор торгового робота countertrend strategies With controlled connection to exchanges Protection from hacker attack and fishing All strategies and keys to exchanges are stored only on your computer Professional support We are ready to help you via chat or email For Trading Strategies Developers Use development environment that combines simple interface, unlimited opportunities of Microsoft.

NET platform and ready-made connectors to stock and crypto exchanges. Tradematic Trader has a good mix of simplicity and конструктор торгового робота features.

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C Code Editor Modify code of strategies, created in Visual Strategy Builder, or create new strategies конструктор торгового робота scratch Over indicators of technical analysis And one more editor to create your конструктор торгового робота indicators Different data sources Backtest strategies on available data or load yours Конструктор торгового робота program Deliver your clients not just a robot, but an encrypted container and a convenient trading platform.

Connect third-party applications via API Add completely new logic to your strategies Everything is under control Modules for connection monitoring, order and risk management For Asset Managers And Their Clients We know what is asset management.

Различная информация о торговых инструментах. Информация о счете баланс, средства, свободная маржа и др. Alert, Лог, Push и комментарий на графике. Элементы для создания входных параметров советника, которые видны в его настройках и могут быть оптимизированы в тестере стратегий. Большой набор элементов образует огромное количество возможных комбинаций и позволяет создавать разнообразные типы торговых роботов и утилит.

That is why we can offer you ready-made solution that will help you to automate management and protect from various risks. Simplify your everyday tasks and конструктор торгового робота customer management more comfortable!

конструктор торгового робота