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The Bank began its activity on the 1st of July as a branch of the Stroibank from USSR, the basic duties of which were the financing of moldinconbank forex of industrial objects, of energetic complex of enterprises, transport trunk roads.

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The reorganization represented not only moldinconbank forex change of denomination and of the organizing-juridical structure, but and the significant increase of the rendered services for the purpose to transform the bank into a universal financial institution. From the new history of the bank, we need to mention the last years.

During this period, the Bank was awarded different nominalizations and titles from the side of national and Moldinconbank forex organizations and magazines.

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In the same time, during the years moldinconbank forexthe European Bank of Reconstruction and Development nominated the moldinconbank forex as being the most active bank from the Republic of Moldova within the Trade Facilitation Program.

At the moment, the bank renders the entire range of banking services by means of its network of moldinconbank forex moldinconbank forex the territory of Moldova.

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The bank keeps correspondence relations with the world level banks, and in the same time collaborates with such international financial institutions as International Financial Corporation, World Bank, and other funds of international development, which allow the bank to attract long term financial resources. The prior strategy of moldinconbank forex bank in the conditions of the current year shall be the maintaining of a satisfactory level of liquidity, increase of its presence on the market and promotion of new products designated for little and medium business as well as for physical persons.

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